GHBA Remodelers Council: Consider future needs, budget when remodeling

Article written by Larry Abbott of Abbott Contracting and published in the Feb 5, 2016 edition of the Houston Chronicle
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Remodeling doesn’t have to be intimidating and can even be fun. Whether your project is big or small, proper planning, knowing your budget and choosing the right professional will help the process to go as smoothly as possible.

Think about tackling needed repairs and concentrate on the exterior first. If you need new windows, roofing or siding, complete that work first. You want to make sure that any new work inside will not be damaged by neglected exterior repairs.

You may want to read up on the recent trends, since although some of them may not be for you, others might. For instance, current must-haves for homeowners – according to recent surveys – are walk-in closets and laundry rooms. A functional, organized closet can be created in a smaller space. There are many organizational products to help streamline a small closet area. Removing a closet door or adding a pocket door can be a helpful option to maximize the space. If you are renovating a master suite, think carefully about the size of the closet versus the shower. Many people wish they had made the shower smaller and the closet bigger. 

When approaching a remodel, don’t just think about the resale value. Think about remodeling to fit your current and future lifestyle.

If you plan to stay in your home, consider universal design features for aging in place – widen doorways, blocking-in new shower walls for future grab bars, higher commodes and countertop heights (for less bending).