GHBA Newsmaker of the Month

larry-abbott newsmakerThough Larry Abbott was personally fulfilled in a career working at the Center for Criminal Adolescents in Syracuse, New York, the potential for paying his bills on his salary was always questionable. Larry left his home state in 1978 in his ’73 Plymouth Duster, doling out his limited funds in D.C., South Carolina, Florida and Georgia on his journey to a more lucrative future. He ended up in Houston where, needing money, he was told “If you can swing a hammer you’re hired.”

Larry began framing and cornicing production homes at lightning speed while listening to FM 101 Rock, wearing long hair and a bandana. At one point he knew he needed to settle down and pay attention, so he climbed a rung on the ladder and started working for a remodeler in the River Oaks area.

Larry later set out on his own, and each time had to go back to work for someone else. His first company name he chose at age 25 was Allcraft Construction. After investing in signs and business cards and launching himself within the industry, Larry was informed by Harris County that his cool name was already in use. Back to the drawing board, Larry continued working for others until 1986 when he went out on his own again with an original company name, Abbott Contracting. Over the years Larry and his company have built several new homes and completed many large remodeling projects. The company is now rooted in Bellaire/West University Place and is known for being a “Home Improvement Specialist.” Abbott Contracting handles half a dozen to a dozen smaller projects at a time as well as one or two large remodels.

Larry joined the GHBA Remodelers Council to learn how to become more professional and to develop professional relationships. “I find the council members to be friendly and very willing to share their ideas, problems and solutions,” said Larry. “The long list of associate members offers practically anything I need for my projects.” Larry has participated in Sandcastle, the Charity Garage Sale as the co-chair in 2012 and chair in 2013. He is presently on the RMC board of directors. “Most of all,” added Larry, “I love this organization because it’s fun, and it serves one of the purposes in life – ‘to enjoy it!'”

Larry and his wife Lidya have a 15 year old son Noah and are parent guardians of a 16 year old boy in Indonesia named Marcellino. Larry enjoys coaching little league teams and hunting, and he volunteers weekly at Hermann Memorial and other facilities helping young men struggling with drug and alcohol problems.