Roof Cleaning – Washing

Ever hear of roof cleaning?
Need a new roof?  You may be surprised to hear that you have another option to bring life back to your roof, before opting for the large expense of roof replacement.  80% of America is unaware that a roof cleaning service exists.
Even if your roof is only a few years old, the Houston humid gulf coast climate is favorable to a resilient type of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma.  All it takes is one spore to end up on your roof and it will continue to multiply and spread.  Algae grows and pushes the gravel components of composition shingles apart.
Not only is this an unattractive look, but this type of algae can slowly degrade the roofing material. Your roof can lose half of its life. 
To prevent premature roof replacement, your roof can be professionally cleaned. The products we use contain no harsh chemicals and are safe, eco-friendly and provide a gentle roof cleaning- removing all of the algae and restoring the original shingle color.  The end results in a new roof look and increases the life expectancy of the shingles.
Abbott Contracting, LLC recommends adding this as a part of your regular home maintenance.  For optimal results, it is suggested to be done every 18-24 months.  The cost will decrease after the initial cleaning fee.
“Before I was aware of roof cleaning, we would work with homeowners to beautify their homes in all areas.  After complete exterior paint, new siding, and windows- we would step back to admire the work, and could still see the dirty, ugly roof!  I am glad that we can now offer a cost effective option offering the full exterior make-over, without the roof replacement cost.”- Larry Abbott, Owner of Abbott Contracting, L.L.C.