Do You Know What’s in Your Attic?

Most attics are under insulated and full of old construction debris left from HVAC, electrical and plumbing contractors. Cleaning and re-insulating your attic will remove dust and debris, and improve ventilation and energy efficiency.

Often there are holes or cracks in your attic which can cause water damage, damage to wiring and piping, or even allow rodents and other critters to come in and make themselves at home.

Having a professional inspection of your attic can prevent extensive damage due to undetectable conditions such as wood damage and mold growth, and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Often when we inspect attics we see corroded galvanized pipe which is ready to spring a leak.  Next, down comes the sheetrock with all the insulation. Keep in mind that severe damage beyond just the ceiling can occur. Consider everything below  – wood floors, furniture, appliances, family keepsakes, etc

Many times electrical repairs or remodeling work will leave behind open junction boxes with live electrical wires uncovered waiting for the next unsuspecting family member or workman to come in contact with them. Sometime irresponsible electricians and remodelers may have the attitude “Hey – Who is ever going to see this way up here”.

These and many other hazards can be detected during an attic inspection

Once your attic is infested with rodents they can leave their scent which can last up to 18 months; this readily attracts others of their species inviting them in.

Rodents love to chew on lots of things, even the coating on electrical wiring. Their nests can clog exhaust vents and they can die in your attic leaving a hard to find source of horrifically bad smell that can last for a month or better

Attics are not meant for storage although many homeowners have no other place in their home to closet excess belongings.  Some storage items could be fire hazards – and who actually remembers what is in all those boxes anyway.   Unfortunately some attics are similar to storage warehouses filled with things no one needs or uses for years and even decades.  My guess is that someday you may see “Attic Wars” mocking the show “Storage Warehouses Wars”!

Heavy storage items placed on wires, pipes, vents, or ducts can be unsafe and may cause undue stress, damaging or restricting these basic components that are necessary for your home to function properly.

Clutter in the attic makes it very difficult for repairmen to do their jobs. Many times they need to take routes around storage items and in doing so cause damage to your stored treasures and create other problems such as disconnecting alarms, IT, sound or electrical wires, or even  air conditioning duct work.

Before you are ready to put those holiday decorations back in your attic, think twice.  Even if you are bound to use your attic for storage, this may be the perfect time to have it inspected.