Fall Home Check Up

Fall is the time to give your home its annual checkup.  Look around for leaks, cracks, wear and tear that can develop over the year.

Here are some of the things you should check:


Is paint is faded and/or peeling
Check caulking condition at all woodwork and around windows and doors
Look to see if brick mortar is missing, or stucco is cracking
Check gutters and downspouts for debris or improper pitch
Examine the home’s foundation for stress cracks and bulges at perimeters
Check for sill rot and insects which could indicate presence of termites
Look at the roofing to see if there is missing shingles or crumbling pieces
Check for stains on siding or on soffit which may indicate water damage
Check all woodwork for water damage.  Look spongy or discolored areas
Wood Windows and doors are most commonly affected by the weather


Examine plumbing fixtures and shutoff valves, look for signs of corrosion or mold
Check ceilings for cracks or stains which may indicate a roof leak or foundation movement
Examine weather stripping around doors and windows for tears and wear.
Inspect the attic vents make sure they are not plugged from animals, birds or bees nests.
Air Conditioning drain pan should be free of debris
Water Heater valves and connections should not be corroded.