Dust Free Remodeling

Abbott Contracting is one of the most sought after home improvement companies in SW Houston due to our “Dust Free Remodeling” process.

People are always trying to improve their home, their sanctuary, but most are in fear of having unskilled, questionable workman inside and with all the mess and disruption AND the DUST!! Most Home Improvement companies to not train for neatness, rather focus on getting the job done quickly no matter the mess. People spend weeks trying to clean the rest of their home following a remodeling project. We are talking about from the curb when we pull to the house, down the sidewalk and to the front door things are kept in order.  A “Tacky” Welcome Mat will be in place to help clean workman’s shoes. When you open the front door there is a layer of construction paper with blue tape which protects the wood floors. From there you will see continuous floor drops and a plastic corridor wall leading to the work area. There will be layers of zippered plastic doorway containing the dust. People with allergies or asthma will be much safer. The areas of the home not under construction will be protected. At the end of all this one will find their new kitchen, bathroom, or master suite. We are selling a convenience, peace of mind. We get this done using one of our biggest assets, Institutional Knowledge.