Best Home Improvement Choices a Home Owner Can Make

  1. Plan to have someone help you prepare – pack up, hire a pro to pack and store, throw things away, spring cleaning.
  1. Concentrate on the outside exterior first. Some people remodel a kitchen or master bath when they need a roof, windows, or siding. New work inside can be damaged if exterior repairs are not taken care of first.
  1. Closet space vs shower space. Most people wish they had made shower smaller and closet bigger.
  1. Think about enjoying the quality of your life (in your sanctuary). Don’t worry so much about resale and getting every dime back. Purpose of life is to enjoy it!
  1. Plan for aging in place if you plan to stay in this home – widen doorways, blocking in new shower walls for future grab bars, consider countertop heights (higher for less bending).
  1. Stay away from a lot of built-ins. Using free standing furniture – easier to change in the future.
  1. Showers – Don’t go overboard on fancy fixtures unless you really plan to use them.
  1. Sometimes it’s better to do everything at once and remodel larger areas. Be prepared to “move out” during construction when it involves kitchens, baths, and sleeping areas. You are probably not the “trooper” you think you are. Waking up and coming home to construction is not relaxing.
  1. Work can be done in phases if money is an issue. Do less work or consider a home improvement loan.
  1. Get plans. Hiring a designer or architect is money well spent. You and your builder will have a clear visual of what to expect. Without design help, nightmares happen when things don’t foot or look how you wanted. A lot of time is lost in decision making.
  1. Consider the quality of the labor vs. the price of materials. Skilled labor is not cheap. Many good quality materials can be bought at reasonable prices without purchasing the very most expensive brand names.
  1. Resale or moving soon – keep things basic, neutral colors, nothing too wild.
  1. Find someone you can trust. Don’t spend your vacation supervising (babysitting)! Ask if project will have a supervisor, someone in charge, and someone you can reach 24/7.