Southside Place – Front Entry and Walkway, Outdoor Living

We have used Abbott Contracting for over ten years on at least eight discreet projects and many smaller tasks.
This is because we trust them and have found them capable of handling diverse projects (from a complete kitchen remodel to building a stone wall on our patio). We have been especially pleased with their ability to go with the flow and adapt the project during the course of the project.
For example, when we were nearly complete with the shelving in our den remodel and realized it would look so much better if we had recessed lighting built into the shelving, they found a way to make this work. It would have been much better if we had planned this before we started the project, but we’re not designers and didn’t think of it ahead of time. Despite this, Abbott Contracting made it work and look great.
We have also been very pleased with the level of their quality control over subcontractors they use. They have been picky about the standard of quality for the final product and we appreciate not having to be the bad guys calling subs back in to re-do work.
Also, Abbott Contracting has always successfully handled all of the permitting aspects of the project with the local city agencies that approve building permits and we appreciated not having to get involved in this process because we simply are not familiar enough with the processes to be able to effectively argue our case.
We plan to call Abbott Contracting again the next time we have another home improvement project.

Patty and Mike T.
Southside Place
Front Entry, Walkway, Outdoor Patio