West University- Roofing and Repairs

Abbott Contracting has done several jobs for us over the past 5 years or so. These include replacing the shower pan and door, reroofing the house and garage, and finding a way to refit the replacement windows (from another contractor) to fit tightly and keep out outside air. The work was done on time, and in several cases, with considerable improvement to the original work done in 2001. In many cases the work required considerable ingenuity to do the rework. Larry Abbott and his crew was up to the challenge.

Abbott Contracting also came to our rescue (rather literally) when a couple of raccoons took up residence in the wall of our upstairs bedroom. We heard then scrabbling late one night and beat on the walls and went outside to see them emerging from a hole in the roof. Of course, it began to rain hard. First thing the next morning I called Larry Abbott and he sent over a couple of people to replace the sheathing that had been clawed through and to put new shingles over the place. We were dry and raccoon-proof in a couple of hours!

Tom B.
West University